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Anyone who is into developing their own products for their business, comissary kitchen, or is making their own professional dough, I’m pretty sure they know the enormous importance of maintaining the same consistency in their formulas.
Numerous professionals and known people around the business know how important it is to maintain the same amount of water for their formulas, knowing that if they add more or less water to the mix it will totally change the consistency and the final texture of dough.


Keeping in mind that timing is very important, as kneading and the time in which the ingredient introduced dough.
After all, then the growth will come. All great professionals know that all of their hard work and effort will pay off with the growth and success of their business. But as the growth comes it will be harder to keep the same consistency of their products, formulas wouldn’t be coming out the same, every time it will be different and customers will complain.
What can their solution be?
How can their business continuo to growth? How can the formula be the same after giving the employees instructions on how to make dough with the same formula?

The Smart Dough System will help your growth. In fact, this is your best ally.

It is the most revolutionary mixer in the market during this recent years.
All great, well known bakery, pizza and catering teachers, have not had a doubt on trusting their production formulas to Smart Dough System.
Thanks to Smart, you can have up to 18 different formulas already programmed, naming them as easier to remember for you and your employees.
Smart introduced the water, it will condition ate so it will be perfect, it controls the time, it will take over the resting times, the type of speed, it will do absolutely everything for you.
You or your employees only have to give a light touch to the screen and the Smart will do everything under your command.
Imagine all the time you have save without having to be in front of a mixer changing the speeds, controlling time, weighing ingredients, weighing the water.
Do you know how much money is that at the end of the year?
And you can grow with the tranquility that your customers will not notice the difference between who made a product or another?

How much does it cost?

Professional Mixer of Your Dreams, Smart Dough System.

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