Bossa Nova

Francisco Freire- Bossa Nova, talking about his experience with the Smart Dough System -SDS- by Thinkingfoods

Cherokee Brewing

Kasey Carpenter, Owner of Cherokee Brewing Company talk about his experience with SDS and Optipizza. Thanks Kasey for share!

Tony Riviera- CEO The Market Hall -

I deeply love the Dough Smart system, my employees need only a touch screen, and the system does it all. Dough is fantastic, the texture, the taste, the best pizza I have eaten around the world and with this system the result is much better than any other pizza in the world even Naples. If you are or you’ll be in the pizza business, you have to have this system.

Vittorio Venutti-CEO Venutti’s Banquets-

In my life I have not seen a pizza like, perfect, accurate. It really is a great experience for me, in fact many of our customers who make their celebrations with us we invite you to see the SDS. For me it is a great satisfaction.!

Tom & Nick Farrel-Rapid Dough Owners-

Julia, Roberto, We could not agree more that Julia has done something extraordinary. We have seen the trials and seen the dedication,persurverance and the commitment to excellence.

We give both of you ALL the credit that is due to you and as I have said before, our lives have changed for the better because of our journey together.

We hope to share you both with our RapiTEAM and hopefully some of our family on your visit with us:) Everyone is excited to meet you both in person and see the people that have gone through this amazing odyssey with us. A special Thank you to Julia, we know this year you have dealt with much more thant we could ever know…

YOUR commitment to see this project through is rare and we are grateful for you making this trip with Roberto…


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