SDS: The best mixer in the world

Not all mixers are the same or do the same job.

In fact the majority of them only perform a mechanical work without giving you the chance or benefit to make your business growth, to assure you that your products always will come out perfect, or to help you manage your comissary kitchen.

Until now.

The Smart Dough System has arrived to be your best ally whatever it will be your complexity, or the dough you will be making in your business.

With the Smart dough system, the best mixer in the world, you can have the absolute guarantee that all of your dough and also up to 18 different types of dough the outcome will always be perfect just giving a touch to the Smart Touch screen.

The Smart controls the oxygenation time, water will come out automatically, it controls the times, and it will change the speed up to four times if you desire.

All of this will happen without you having to be in front, or your employees. You just give a slight “touch” and you will have the time to go out and talk to your customers, oversee your employees, making sure all of the ingredients are in stock and making sure that your business is running smoothly and perfect. What more would you want?

Did you know how you can grow with total assurance and guarantee that your products will always be perfect at all the times and every day?

Feel proud to show your Smart Dough System, the best mixer in the world, were you get to choose many models from “The Ultimate Collection.”

Absolutely unique and exclusive, even you have the chance to add the logo of your business.

Make your customers fall in love showing them the beauty of a unique and exclusive mixer like it’s our Rosso Corsa.

Be the one being to surround with the beauty of the legendary Rosso Corsa, which it has won so many awards, giving a symbol of success and exclusivity.




La Mejor Amasadora del Mundosmart

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